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Case Study: Capital Raise

A client required capital for their biofuel project. They had a proprietary and trade secreted process and the CEO required assistance with launching the company; obtaining investment from the government and private investors and building power plants through the province and exploring fuel. They had perfected and had their product independently tested and verified. The biofuel was in line with the burning characteristics of Coal, without the negative environmental impact and acted as a drop in replacement for Coal, Wood Pellets or Torrecation.

The result of the engagement:

  • Proprietary process was vetted by EU company specializing in green energy power;

  • Obtained Government of Canada’s Scientific Research and Development program for refundable tax credits of 41%;

  • Investments secured through Power Purchase Agreements;

  • Raised $40 million CAN;

  • Licensing Agreement put in place in 2016;

  • Importing Agreement in place for fuel to South East Asia.

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Case Study: Buy Side, Mergers and Acquisitions 

Building out retail, a case for rapid growth.


Our client, an emerging company is executing on a strategy to acquire and integrate retail Cannabis dispensaries in the United States. As part of their team, we devised a strategy to meet their objectives.

This case illustrates the power of our intersection model. We effected the execution plan by focusing on states which are currently medical only, moving to recreational and have clear guidelines in place on how business will be done.

Buy Side Mandate:

  • Concierge Capital Partners is engaged to:

    • Find opportunities in retail, cultivation and processing in 10 United States jurisdictions

    • $100,000,000 expansion mandate

We provide:

  • Initial deal sourcing

  • All Due diligence through to hand-off to operations team

  • Regulatory Relationship development

    • Licensing support

    • Interpretation of regulatory environment

  • Deal presentation and roll out to execution team

We work at all three levels of our system for this client. We are an active component of their leadership group.

Nature of participation:

We are engaged to execute the buy side mandate and to provide Government Relations services, strategy and relationship development. Retainer- Performance- Fee.

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Case Study: Business Development, Mergers and Acquisitions

Our client, a Canadian Pubco with $1.3 billion market capitalization is looking to expand in the Northeast United States.


This expansion may include: distribution, joint ventures. It may include targeting and evaluating acquisition opportunities and/or new builds.

In outlining the challenge to us we proposed and have begun executing a Phased plan which looked like this:

Phase 1

  • White paper on the regulatory environment in 11 states of the Northeast

  • Key players in the Market

Phase 2

  • Review of specific opportunities and barriers to entry in each market

  • Definition of market size

  • Requirements for local ownership and product types

Phase 3

  • Review of edibles market with parameters above

Phase 4

  • Pending mandate to find acquisition opportunities for market entry

Nature of participation:

This resulted in a recurring retainer role for the company on regulatory and planning mandates, with discussions in progress to expand the mandate going forward to include Provincial/Federal Government Relations, as well as, Business Development and Merger and Aquisition work.

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Case Study: Government Relations Mandate

Our client, a small-cap Canadian public company was looking to expand production capacity at their primary facility.


We were engaged to assist in the process of making the case to three primary constituencies:

  • Local politicians

  • Planning staff

  • The local communality of constituents


We began this mandate in the middle. The client had begun the process of expanding the facility without a clear sense of the political and administrative environment in their home jurisdiction.

The view was that the plan was going to bring jobs to the area, add to the tax rolls and be a solid contributor to the local community and its economy.

All of this was true. None of it mattered.

The interest groups outlined above had an experience of disconnection from the process leaving them with a sense that process did not matter. More importantly, their process did not matter. There was a general sense of lack of consultation, collaboration and planning.

Our approach reframed the discussion with each of the constituencies outlined above. We created new language, physically engaged in bringing the politicians, staff and residents to the facility.

We asked questions, understood the relevant regulations and reframed the discussion to understand the problem(s).

The result of this process was:

  • An approval to construct additional production space

  • A renewed relationship with the affected constituencies

  • An appreciation for sensitivities around this, new and emerging business, and legacy impressions associated with it

  • Advocacy by members of the municipal counsel for the company we represent


This resulted in a recurring retainer role for the company on regulatory and planning mandates.


Business is always our main focus. Getting our clients what they need is our passion. However, it is working with clients like you that balance the business side with the potential for social good that makes for a partnership that is truly fulfilling.

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Capital Raise
Buy Side
Business Development
Government Relations Mandate

Case Studies.

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