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Alex Bishop

Expert in economic reconciliation in Canada.

Meet Alex.

Why change matters. 

My Journey has been decades of struggle with addiction and mental health after abusive childhood. I have been lucky enough to be sober since 2011.

I have volunteered on the front line and have seen the effects of mental health on the most vulnerable. Out of this was part of a group that created $200MM mental health funding. Later I supported the creation of legislation enshrining First Responder Training and Overdose Prevention. This year, I co-authored a free book helping leaders with the Psychological Effects of COVID.

I have worked in First Nation communities, have seen the effects of multi-generational trauma, have helped to build a Foodbank, Community Centres, Economic and Employment Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples.

I want to work with you to effect positive change.

Alex Bishop merger and acquisitions Indigenous Consultant

"People who have a voice and a platform have an obligation to leverage it for the benefit of others."

Strategic Planning

Alex identified a niche within the insurance industry to market various stakeholders driving increased sales across multiple companies.


He possesses a keen understanding of identifying a company's assets/liabilities and believes that the assets of any organization are its people. 


Using a collaborative non-hierarchical approach to strategy, he understands that clear and open communication with key leaders is crucial for effective and efficient strategic analysis strategies (SWOT, Porters-Five Forces, etc.).

Minister Tibollo ALex Bishop Mental Health Addictions Advocacy
Strategic Planning
Government Relations
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Government Relations

Alex maintains strong relationships with leaders at municipal, provincial, and federal levels and effectively leverage those relationships to achieve his clients’ goals. 


Alex has created $200 million in government funding for Naloxone to be freely distributed under Premier Wynne in Ontario. 


Alex has supported a Member of Parliament in using her experience as a nurse to improve mental health services through a private members bill. 


Alex is connected with investment banking, private capital, and labour groups. He has represented the largest public sector union, CUPE, for long term care advocacy. 

Change Management

Alex is an expert in evaluating corporate culture and working with human resource professionals to utilize leaders to the highest degree of efficacy.  


He has developed customized change management programs that utilize situation-specific, evidence based, results oriented programs for legal and healthcare industries. 

He has worked to develop accredited change management, racial justice, emotional intelligence, stress management programs for law societies across Canada.

gloria steinem
Change Mangement
Family Award (Hub Bishop) Award with Sister

Business Development

Alex has demonstrated a strong understanding of business valuation and financial reporting. 


An experienced communicator with people who have adversarial and collaborative styles, he ensures all parties walk away feeling excited and enthused about the process and/or outcome.

He has a strong familiarity of legal issues relating to and entering into joint-venture, co-marketing, and other business agreements. 

Business Development

Relationship Management

Alex has trained and developed Sales Managers for Consultative Sales Process within the healthcare field. 


He has also recruited and developed relationships with national brands across Canada. 


Throughout his career he has developed business to business (B2B) relationships to cross promote products for wellness industry. 


He has on numerous occasions successfully led a team of professionals with diverse interests to one unified goal. 

gloria steinem
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As featured in.

“It is a pleasure to know Alex. He is an extremely bright and personable man. I enjoy just chatting with him about his career and ambitions and many topics of mutual interest and see tremendous potential. He has achieved much in his life already as he has found a good balance between business and altruistic volunteerism. I hold him in high regard."

David Tsubouchi, Board member of the OMERS Pension Fund, Author of "Gambatte" and the "Chinese Door", former Ontario Cabinet Minister

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